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Category: Mental Health

Give Your Senior Loved One the Gift of Health in 2021

Image courtesy of Unsplash   Give Your Senior Loved One the Gift of Health in 2021 When it comes to things you would love to give to a senior loved one, chances are the gift of good health ranks right at the top. While that might sound like something beyond…

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Sibling Rivalry

Two Sides of Growing Up with a Disabled Sibling Children who grow up with a disabled sibling have both negative and positive consequences, according to the University of Michigan Health System. While the stress of a disabled sibling may cause a child to act out, the advantages help shape a…

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Veteran suicide is a serious…

Veteran suicide is a serious issue that must never be taken lightly Veteran suicide has become a sadly glaring issue in American society. When 22 American veterans commit suicide on a daily basis, it’s time to pay attention to what’s really happening. America still allocates 21 percent of the national…

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LGBT Disparities

What are the LGBT Health Care Disparities? The LGBT community, while making leaps and bounds in social arenas, has a long way to go in health care. There are a number of disparities for this community in the area of health care, with some of the reasons simply being the…

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