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Category: Financial Abuse

Getting Help

Government Advice on Reacting to Elderly Financial Abuse The Administration on Aging (AOA) has released a list of tips to help professionals, caregivers, and family member respond to elderly financial abuse. While it can be hard to recognize, once it is realized, it is important to take action to make…

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Elderly Financial Abuse and the Government’s Answer

Elderly Financial Abuse and the Government’s Answer Elderly financial abuse has become a serious problem in society – so serious, in fact, that the United States government has responded with a number of websites dedicated to the research and response to the issue. The websites are run by agencies such…

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Price Transparency

Vancouver Home Health Care Agency LLC ® Price Transparency – What it is and Why It’s Important Price transparency is an important issue for uninsured patients. Since the rollout of Obamacare, more individuals are insured, but there are still a few who pay the yearly fee for lack of insurance….

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Sources of Elderly Financial Abuse

Sources of Elderly Financial Abuse and Federal Response The sources of elderly financial abuse come from a number of different places. Doctors and caregivers who understand these sources often see the signs of abuse before those who do not know possible abuse sources. This is why the National Institute of…

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