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Category: Abuse

Sibling Rivalry

Two Sides of Growing Up with a Disabled Sibling Children who grow up with a disabled sibling have both negative and positive consequences, according to the University of Michigan Health System. While the stress of a disabled sibling may cause a child to act out, the advantages help shape a…

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Substance Abuse

Link Between Drubs and Mental Disorder Addictive, According to JAMA The Journal of American Medical Association recently published a study on the association between mental disorders and drug abuse, finding that addictive disorders were prevalent in those studied. The aim of the study was to find out how close mental…

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Incarceration Vs. Treatment Part Five Of Five

Incarceration Vs. Treatment Part Five Of Five: Overview of Treatment in Washington State As the nation pays attention to treatment over incarceration, Washington state isn’t snoozing. There are a number of methods to get state help with addiction, and much of the information is available here, as well as on…

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Incarceration Vs. Treatment Part Four Of Five

Incarceration Vs. Treatment Part Four Of Five: Treatment Helping to Build Communities In part three of this series, it was mentioned that the economic advantage of treatment toward communities does not have a price tag. Treatment does, however, have a positive effect on communities across America. Research reflected in the…

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