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Category: drugs

Substance Abuse

Link Between Drubs and Mental Disorder Addictive, According to JAMA The Journal of American Medical Association recently published a study on the association between mental disorders and drug abuse, finding that addictive disorders were prevalent in those studied. The aim of the study was to find out how close mental…

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Incarceration Vs. Treatment Part Three Of Five

Incarceration Vs. Treatment Part Three Of Five: The Cost Effectiveness of Treatment Broken Down Part two of this series reviewed how treatment costs less than incarceration. However, the Justice Policy Institute released an in-depth look at the overall cost effectiveness of treatment, and found that, dollar for dollar, treatment is…

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Incarceration Vs. Treatment Part One Of Five

Incarceration Vs. Treatment Part One Of Five: The National Drug Imprisonment Problem In 2004, the state of Maryland, under the Justice Policy Institute, released a study titled, “Treatment or Incarceration?” While the study is dated, many of the points remain true today, because the study reveals that treatment triumphs over…

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The Neurological Effects

The Neurological Effects of Heroin Heroin is known as an opioid drug, synthesized from morphine. While morphine occurs naturally from Asian poppy plants, there is nothing natural about heroin. It typically looks like a brown or white powder, or as “black tar”, a sticky, black substance. The drug has a…

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