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Category: Overdose

The Neurological Effects

The Neurological Effects of Heroin Heroin is known as an opioid drug, synthesized from morphine. While morphine occurs naturally from Asian poppy plants, there is nothing natural about heroin. It typically looks like a brown or white powder, or as “black tar”, a sticky, black substance. The drug has a…

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The Neurological Effects of Amphetamines Amphetamines are drugs commonly prescribed to patients and in wide use in the medical community.  They include medications such as Adderal, Ritalin and Concerta. They are the most common drugs on the black market because they are still legal in a medical context. However, the…

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Fall and fall prevention

Fall and fall prevention and is medication overdosage can be the result of a fall.. An Overview of Falls in the Elderly Falls are one of the main concerns among the aging population. There are several risk factors, including drugs, in fall risks among seniors. Drug metabolism, efficacy and ADRs…

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Water Overdose

Water Overdose is a Reality That We All Need to Watch Water overdose is called EAH, or exercise associated hyponatremia, in the medical community. This is because athletes are the most common types of people who suffer from water overdose. However, anyone can suffer from this condition, especially since the…

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