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Month: October 2017

Study Proves Mothers of Children with Intellectual

Study Proves Mothers of Children with Intellectual Disabilities Require More Moral Support A study published in the Journal of Intellectual Disability Research in 2005 determined to discover how mothers cope with children who have intellectual disabilities. While the study is dated, its results stand the test of time. The study…

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ADL Assistance Evaluation Tools

ADL Assistance Evaluation Tools There are a number of tools used in the evaluation of ADL’s, or Activities of Daily Living. These tools measure a person’s need for assistance, how much assistance is needed, and what type of specific assistance should be administered. The Katz Index of Independence in Activities…

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The Neurological Effects of Amphetamines Amphetamines are drugs commonly prescribed to patients and in wide use in the medical community.  They include medications such as Adderal, Ritalin and Concerta. They are the most common drugs on the black market because they are still legal in a medical context. However, the…

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