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The Neurological Effects of Amphetamines

Amphetamines are drugs commonly prescribed to patients and in wide use in the medical community.  They include medications such as Adderal, Ritalin and Concerta. They are the most common drugs on the black market because they are still legal in a medical context. However, the medical response to the illegal sale of these drugs is the regulation of prescriptions. For example, if a person is prescribed Adderal, the prescription will only be filled once a month. The patient is entered into a drug database to avoid patients visiting multiple doctors seeking drugs, and pharmacies keep stringent records of patients receiving these drugs.

What the Drugs Do for Ill Patients

The drugs are designed to regulate a person’s brain when something isn’t right. Adderal is prescribed to help ADHD patients concentrate, because the concentration center in the brain is not working correctly. The drug also helps curb impulses, keeping a person calm and helping him or her with reasoning skills. Paxil, an anxiety medication, works in the same manner, helping the brain fire neurons correctly, so a person feels calmer and can function in society.

What it Does to a Properly Functioning Brain

A person whose neurons fire correctly and who does not need the drug to regulate brain function feels a high when on these drugs. All these drugs are stimulants; they help increase dopamine in the brain, helping the brain function correctly. Stimulants are diagnosed in careful increments, to slowly increase the dopamine in the brain. The high comes when someone takes more than the recommended dosage, or when a person already has the correct amount of dopamine in the brain.

An addict feels a sense of euphoria through the increase in dopamine. The drugs make the person feel good, which leads to addiction and an increased need for the drug. Those with no abnormal dopamine levels raise their levels through drug abuse; unfortunately, those who suffer from low dopamine levels are often victims of theft from addicts.

Amphetamines have been a problem for decades, which has led to the aforementioned response from the medical community. These drugs are still easy to obtain and easier to abuse, which makes them one of the most dangerous drugs available. If you’d like to talk more about amphetamine effect on the brain, contact Vancouver Home Health Care Agency today.
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