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Month: July 2015

Drug interactions

Drug interactions Overdosing  on drugs is so easy that a growing number of seniors are facing this issue. It’s easy to accidentally take too much medication, especially as the number of medications in a person’s daily routine rises. A senior could forget that he or she has already taken the…

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The Basics of a Seizure

The Basics of a Seizure A seizure is defined as the changes in behavior, occurring after abnormal electrical activity in the person’s brain. The term is used interchangeably with convulsion, though the two terms have different meanings. Convulsions are a condition where the person’s muscles relax and contract repeatedly. Seizures…

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Being Considerate with Fireworks is as Easy

Being Considerate with Fireworks is as Easy as Communicating Independence Day is here, summer is here, and everyone is celebrating. We have every reason and right to celebrate because we have heroes who keep us safe every day. They fight around the world and they protect our right to light…

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