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Drug interactions

Drug interactions

Overdosing  on drugs is so easy that a growing number of seniors are facing this issue. It’s easy to accidentally take too much medication, especially as the number of medications in a person’s daily routine rises. A senior could forget that he or she has already taken the medication, or could misunderstand the dosage instructions.

If a person has overdosed, or if an overdose is suspected, transport that person to the emergency room immediately. Call an ambulance if necessary, and call the Poison Control Center @ 1 (800) 222-1222.  Any advice given by the Poison Control Center will need to be followed by a physician’s care, due to some of the extreme measures necessary to flush a person’s system. Only minor first aid for an overdose can be done at home; often, the drug must be removed medically to help stop the body’s reaction to the drug.

Avoiding a drug overdose requires diligence on the part of the patient and caregivers. Family members can check a loved one’s drug intake to ensure the correct amount is taken. Assessing the patient for drug knowledge is also essential.

The professionals at Vancouver Home Health Care Agency take a large part in monitoring drugs to help avoid an overdose.
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