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Being Considerate with Fireworks is as Easy

Being Considerate with Fireworks is as Easy as Communicating

Independence Day is here, summer is here, and everyone is celebrating. We have every reason and right to celebrate because we have heroes who keep us safe every day. They fight around the world and they protect our right to light fireworks every summer, all summer long. Different towns celebrate America at different times, so the party is ongoing all season. We are celebrating freedom and we are celebrating the heroes who fight for that freedom.

What we don’t realize, however, is that we are hurting some of those that gave us that freedom. Some Americans must hide from the fireworks show every year to avoid a very tragic situation. Some of our heroes that have come home from war will never see another firework in their lives, they will never attend another celebration of the freedom they help protect. They have PTSD, or post traumatic stress disorder, and the fireworks bring back violent memories of bombs and war.

PTSD is a real issue, and our newest soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan are the latest sufferers. The soldiers who suffer often find that the loud noises and flashes of the fireworks makes the disease worse, because it brings back memories of war and suffering. It is never fun for these people to be around fireworks, and they suffer from psychological trauma when fireworks are shot. One case found a soldier looking for ways to protect his family every time he heard a firework, so he must leave his home every year to get away from the noise.

Many veterans are ashamed of this condition, however, others are pleading for help. Many are posting signs on their front lawns, asking neighbors to be considerate of their condition and avoid using fireworks in the neighborhood. The veterans aren’t asking for special treatment the rest of the year, they are only asking for consideration one day out of many.

Fireworks resemble gunfire on purpose. They were designed to be loud, flashy, and to demonstrate a superior show, which is why we use them to celebrate our birthday. However, it’s obvious why a war veteran would find them disturbing, especially after witnessing the real horrors of war. The courteous move in any neighborhood would be to inform the veteran when and where fireworks will be used, to give him or her the option to move to another location or take other actions to protect him or herself.

These veterans are not trying to ruin anyone’s fun. They just ask for the same respect as everyone else; many veterans will take actions to help neighbors have fun while protecting themselves. This is why veterans with PTSD just want a “heads up” from those planning on using fireworks.

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