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When home health care begins, the professionals may recommend some products or services to help make life easier. Everything from a walker to safety products and social activities help improve mobility, offer peace of mind, and help ease the transition between independence and home healthcare. The Vancouver Home Health Care Agency will help with the use of these products and will help families understand why these products may be necessary.

If a patient is having trouble walking, a walker may be recommended. This will help a person stand upright and walk around with more freedom than before. Other products include a cane, an electric chair, or a scooter. The goal is to help individuals remain as independent as possible, and these products will move individuals toward that goal. Volunteer mobile services are also available, especially through Vancouver Home Health Care Agency, to help patients complete chores around town, such as grocery shopping or social events.

Social Activities
Social events are as important as daily care for the mental and emotional stability of the patient. There are many activities to keep an otherwise homebound person happy and social. Look into local clubs, free events, and social gatherings that look interesting. Ask about arranging transportation to these events. Arrangements can be made for church, clubs, and many other social events. The spiritual and emotional well being of a patient is pertinent to healing and should not be dismissed.

If the patient’s neighborhood isn’t the safest, if physical abuse may be an issue, or if financial abuse is a concern, it’s important to set up safety precautions. An emergency alert system may be a smart move to keep patients feeling secure, and for the chance that an emergency does happen. The Vancouver Home Health Care Agency can help patients set up safety guards and systems for any emergency.

Check the home to ensure additional safety. Products such as shower bars or ramps in the home will help increase mobility and decrease dangerous areas. Consider non skid floor products, such as strips or non skid backing on carpets, to prevent falls. Change handles on faucets and doors to ease their use. Check the home to make sure the aging process is eased and independence can be maintained.

The Vancouver Home Health Care Agency is happy to answer questions regarding increasing independence through the use of products in the home.At Vancouver Home Health Caring Agency, Caring and Compassion is our business.

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