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Mental patients in Iowa are suffering as leaders in the Republican seats say there will be no special sessions to support mental health benefits, but Democrats aren’t backing down. The legislation in Iowa is supporting cuts to mental health research and treatment, which has Democrats up in arms.

The cuts will cause far-ranging consequences in health care, including longer hospital stays, patients admitted more often, mental health facilities shutting down, and patients having no where to go but the already overcrowded hospitals. This means higher costs for every Iowa resident. Services are already nearly out of reach for residents with the closing of facilities in Mount Pleasant and Clarinda.

The governor, however, attests that Iowa’s mental health care is the best it’s ever been. This is why Democrats are fighting to reconvene in the Senate and rediscuss the budget cuts.

If Iowa is cutting mental health services, will other states follow? When will mental health become a serious disease, and not something to sweep under the carpet?

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