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Understanding a Hospice Plan of Care

A hospice plan of care helps caregivers understand what each unique patient needs and what the family has requested. This plan is written and available for all individuals involved to review. The plan of care, or POC, must include every necessary service for the comfort of the terminally ill patient and all related conditions. Interventions, goals, and problems are often included on the POC. This document is established before services begin.

Who is Involved in the POC Creation

The POC is created by a team of professionals and family members. This group includes the primary physician, the patient representative, and the primary caregiver. The patient’s needs and wishes are considered in the plan, as well as the education of the primary caregiver for future care.

Specifics of the POC

  • It must be reviewed and updated at specific intervals, no less than every 15 days.
  • It should continually be assessed to make sure the care is the most beneficial to the patient.
  • During revision, it must include information from an updated comprehensive patient assessment and must note any patient progress.
  • It must be updated if there is significant change to the patient’s condition.
  • It will include assessments of the patient’s personal needs and identify specific patient services.
  • It must be detailed in the frequency and scope of services.
  • It must provide the map for cohesive, consistent care.

Why Is It Important?

The POC is essential because it is the map to care. This document is a legal document and is binding by law. It is essential to have every part of the document reviewed and written by those close to the patient. Remember that the document must be reviewed, and if the document is not followed, it is important to find out why, and replace those not following it if necessary.

The Vancouver Home Healthcare Agency will help your family get started on a POC.

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