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Diabetes and ADLs: A Collaborative Care Approach

When a patient requiring assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) also has diabetes, the responsibility for managing their care extends to multiple individuals. Effective diabetes management encompasses medication administration, blood sugar monitoring, and dietary regulation. It is a multifaceted process that involves a team of professionals beyond just nurses or non-skilled caregivers.

Skilled Nursing Care

Skilled nurses play a crucial role in managing diabetes within the home environment. While assisting with ADLs, they also conduct blood sugar assessments and, when necessary, administer insulin to regulate blood sugar levels. These skilled professionals may engage the patient in discussions about dietary choices if no dietitian or non-skilled caregiver is available. In cases where consistently abnormal blood sugar readings are observed, the nurse will recommend consulting the primary physician, who may then suggest involving a dietitian or additional care. The presence of a skilled nurse is invaluable in continuously monitoring the overall health of the patient with diabetes.

Unskilled Nursing Care

Unskilled care providers handle various light housekeeping tasks, including meal preparation, when they enter the patient’s home. They can assist diabetes patients in planning and preparing meals, and even aid in grocery shopping, especially if the patient faces challenges in selecting appropriate foods for diabetes management. Proper food preparation is essential, as ingredients such as salt or sugar could disrupt an otherwise balanced diet. Unskilled caregivers, under the guidance of a nutritionist, nurse, or doctor, can support by preparing meals and offering minor education, helping patients make healthier dietary choices.


While dietitians do not typically provide in-home healthcare, they play a pivotal role in a patient’s diabetes management journey. Unskilled caregivers can assist patients in attending crucial appointments with dietitians. Upon the doctor’s recommendation, dietitians collaborate with healthcare providers, including nurses and non-skilled caregivers, to enhance diabetes management strategies. Dietitians assess the patient’s dietary habits, analyze blood sugar data, and provide dietary recommendations tailored to better manage the condition. Although dietitians are external professionals, their involvement is indispensable in the ADLs assistance process.

Vancouver Home Health Care Agency can facilitate the provision of both skilled and unskilled professionals required to support diabetes patients in their home environment for as long as possible. We are committed to helping you understand how our agency can assist your loved one with in-home diabetes management and daily care.

“At Vancouver Home Health Care Agency, our commitment is rooted in caring and compassion, ensuring that your well-being remains at the heart of what we do.”


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