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Category: LGBTQ

Shocking Disparities in Health Care

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash   Shocking Disparities in Health Care A healthcare disparity, according to Healthy People 2020, is “a particular type of health difference that is closely linked with social, economic, and/or environmental disadvantage.” These disparities greatly affect groups of people who have routinely experienced more obstacles in health…

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Equal Rights Washington

Overview of Equal Rights Washington Equal Rights Washington, whose tagline is, “Together for Justice and Equity”, is an initiative in the state to help the LGBT community establish rights as part of the human race. Their big push , in 2015, is to assist transgender individuals with better health care,…

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LGBT Disparities

What are the LGBT Health Care Disparities? The LGBT community, while making leaps and bounds in social arenas, has a long way to go in health care. There are a number of disparities for this community in the area of health care, with some of the reasons simply being the…

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The Aging LGBT Faces Unique Challenges

The Aging LGBT Faces Unique Challenges As the LGBT community is more accepted, more people are admitting to their differences – in fact, this began in the early 80’s, when being gay was just becoming a part of society. As a result, we have an aging population from the LGBT…

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