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Category: Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Alzheimer and dementia asset management

Alzheimer and dementia asset management A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or dementia can be devastating, but if either disease is in its early stage, it’s important to start making plans now. Sadly, many patients with memory loss have not handled asset management before the disease accelerates, therefore, completing this process early…

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Planning Ahead for Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Planning Ahead for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Planning ahead, especially when the initial diagnosis is delivered or in the early stages of these memory diseases, is important to keep the patient’s wishes clear. Early planning will help the patient be involved in the process while allowing time to work through the…

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Alzheimer and dementia Overview

Alzheimer and dementia Overview Dementia is a generalized term for the decline in a patient’s mental ability, which is severe enough to interrupt daily life. Dementia is progressive, which means it begins slowly and gets worse over time. Many people do not realize a patient has dementia until it is…

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