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Why is Marijuana Illegal?

Why is Marijuana Illegal?

This is a large question that has been asked for generations. Why are some synthetic drugs allowed in hospitals while a naturally occurring plant is kept out? While the politics are too large to review in one sitting, there are some simple answers to this question. Marijuana, in a medical scope, is as or more effective as other treatments, and its side effects are less than most synthetic drugs.

Medically, the drug could benefit a lot of people both in health and in the wallet. Consider a drug which will grow in most parts of the country. Consider having the ability to grow said drug, legally, in your own home. Would you not grow this drug and cultivate its benefits for free?

There is the biggest reason why marijuana is illegal. The pharmaceutical industry keeps its hand in the regulation of marijuana due to the possible cash lost if the drug becomes legal for personal and medical use. This is the largest industry in the United States, and it keeps high connections to keep the right drugs selling at high prices.

The reasons why marijuana is illegal have changed over the decades, but, at this time, the biggest reason is money. Pharmaceutical companies do not want us growing our own medicine at home. Marijuana is only one of the long line of herbal medicines that are labeled as “bad” by propaganda. Marijuana only stands out from its herbal cousins because it is currently illegal and it does produce a mind-altering state, whereas other herbals do not.

Pharmaceutical companies have more incentive to use a lab to recreating cannaboids in the lab rather than let the natural version into the general public. These companies want to make money, and free pain relief will reduce the bottom line greatly.

No one company can patent a plant, and this is the incentive for the pharmaceuticals to keep all forms of cannabis illegal. There is no money to be made from its growth. However, as Colorado and other states have demonstrated, there is, in fact, money to be made from natural plants.

Perhaps the pharmaceutical companies could begin farming marijuana and selling it to the public, therefore, making money from the very plant they love to hate.

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