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Washington State Registration Position Descriptions

Washington State Registration Position Descriptions

Washington State Registration Position Descriptions     

Home health agencies may provide the following healthcare medical services:

* Home health aide services

Home health aide services include, but are not limited to, assistance to a patient within the home. Specific services are:

  • helping the patient with a bath, care of the mouth, skin and hair;
  • helping the patient to the bathroom or in using a bedpan or urinal;
  • helping the patient to dress and/or undress;
  • helping the patient in and out of bed, assisting with ambulation;
  • helping the patient with prescribed exercises which the patient and the health aide have been taught by appropriate personnel; and
  • performing such incidental household services essential to the patient’s health care at home that are necessary to prevent or postpone institutionalization;
  • Patient Education
  • Health Monitoring
  • May perform care assigned by a registered nurse if the delegation is in compliance with current standards of nursing practice.

* Medical social work services

Medical social work services include assessments, counseling, and monitoring for patients. Patient education is included in medical social work services. Other areas covered by medical social work services include:

  • Psychosocial Assessment – assessing the patient’s social circles to determine their strength and help the patient in society.
  • Family Education and Crisis Intervention – Education for whole families on psychosocial needs of the patient; help for families in accessing community resources, crisis resolution for families
  • General Counseling – Counseling for the patient, with or without members from the patient’s social circle.
  • Risk Assessment – assessing the patient’s risk to self; assessing risk to patient posed by environment or other involved individuals.
  • Financial Assessment – Recognizing patients who need financial help and referring patients to correct agencies.
  • Care Coordination – Help in development of care plans and any necessary medical discharges. Help with transitions from discharge to home care.
  • Information and Referral Services – Link patient to community services and help.

* Nursing services

Nurses cover a variety of services, including working in conjunction with every other medical professional to ensure the best patient care possible. A list of specific duties include, but may not be limited to:

  • Patient Education
  • In-Home Wound Care
  • Influence Diets, Nutrition, and Exercise at Home
  • Administer Medication
  • Assist with Creation and Implementation of Care Plan
  • Monitor Medication
  • Gather and Review Health Statistics, such as Blood Pressure and Heart Rate
  • Record Observations
  • Communicate with Doctors Regularly
  • Communicate with Families Regularly

* Nutritional services

Nutritionists are professionals who help a patient choose the healthiest diets. The nutritionist works with the doctors, nurses, and therapists to ensure the best foods are kept in the house for the patient’s specific medical needs. Nutritional services encourage patients to make healthy eating choices. A nutritionist will also assist a patient, through education, in shopping for the right food and finding the best food for the patient’s specific health needs.

* Physical therapy services

Physical therapists assist patients who need to regain mobility and movement. Their duties include:

  • Assessment of Patient Needs
  • Assessment of Patient’s Ability to Complete a Physical Therapy Regimen
  • Assistance in Range of Motion Techniques
  • Education in Exercise and Exercise Techniques
  • Discussions with Other Professionals and Family Members Regarding Patient Needs and Abilities
  • Specific Patient Assistance to Help Patient Move Easier, Rebuild Muscle, and Become Independent

* Occupational therapy services

Occupational therapists assist patients with daily tasks, helping patients become self-sufficient, and assisting patients in performing everyday tasks. These therapists complete the following duties:

  • Assessments, Both Initial and Ongoing
  • Use of Specific Instruments (Walkers, Etc.) to Help Patients in Daily Tasks
  • Patient Education in the Use of Equipment
  • Patient Education in Exercises to Increase Range of Mobility and Ability to Perform Daily Tasks
  • Complete Specialized Tasks to Help Patients Live Independent Lives

* Respiratory therapy services

Respiratory therapists care for patients with lung issues of all ages. Premature infants through aging COPD sufferers receive this care. Services include:

  • Aerosol Therapy – This type of therapy includes nebulizers or masks to help patients breathe easier
  • CPAP Services – These services work with patients to find the best methods to increase air flow and help breathing.
  • Oxygen Therapy and Oxygen Equipment – Therapists fit patients for equipment to increase air flow. Patients are also assisted in methods to increase air flow and breathe easier.
  • Consultation and Ongoing Education

* Speech therapy services

Speech therapy services include education, assessment and services for speech problems caused by a variety of issues. Services include:

  • Assessment of Needs
  • Assistance in Improving Speech, Including Word Formation and Pronunciation
  • Assistance for Families in Helping the Patient
  • Education for Patients and Families in Speech Pathology and Improving Communication

* Professional medical equipment assessment services

These professionals work together to decide what types of medical equipment are needed in the home to help the patient live a fuller life. This is a team, including doctors, nurses, and various therapy professionals, who discuss the patient’s needs and what equipment would best serve the patient. These teams often include a health insurance professional, who will review costs and what equipment will be covered for the patient.

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