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Understanding Causes of Mental Illness

Understanding Causes of Mental Illness Assists in Collaborative Care

Mental illnesses are a hidden part of society which are currently handled with fear and shunned feelings. Doctors and psychiatrists who work together help heal mental illnesses faster, however, the illness must first be understood before it can be cured. There are a number of specific factors which are thought to cause mental illness, as discussed by the Mayo Clinic. Understanding these factors begins the healing process, and is important for every medical personnel if collaboration of care is to be successful.

Inherited Traits

Mental illness has been proven to be most common among those whose biological relatives have had or currently have mental illnesses. Collaboration of care between generations can indicate a possible mental illness, and can help medical professionals encourage preventive care. Research is ongoing, but specific genes can be pinpointed as carrying the risk of developing a mental illness in life.

Environmental Exposure

Some mental illnesses come from exposure, especially before birth. This exposure comes from toxins, viruses, or alcohol or drug use by the mother. Understanding the life of the child in the womb may help diagnose a mental illness; while older records are sometimes unreliable, electronic health records, or EHR’s, will increasingly help a collaborative team of doctors understand a child’s birth better, therefore helping to increase diagnoses and preventive care.

Brain Chemistry

This is the least understood, and studied, part of mental illness. Some biochemical changes in the brain might cause changes in mental health, according to studies. The chemicals in the brain, called neurotransmitters, often play a role in the mental health of a patient. Hormonal imbalances also cause issues; collaborative care between all specialties will help teams better understand a patient’s specific brain issues and help patients receive better care.

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