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Treating the Dual Diagnosis

Treating the Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnoses happen when a person has a mental illness as well as a substance addiction issue. It is complicated, but the diagnoses are important in treating the whole person, not just one issue. Treating the source of the intoxication is of utmost importance; afterward, treatment for the mental illness issues can begin.

The withdrawal from the substance can cause medical emergencies which require emergency care. This happens when an addict stops using a substance abruptly; this is why the drug abuse must be dealt with before the mental issue is addressed. Treating the dual diagnosis is like peeling an onion. Layers of addiction and illness must be peeled away before the underlying mental illnesses can be addressed. Assistance with withdrawal is the best, safest method of coming off drugs and alcohol.

Many people participate in inpatient detoxification, which includes hospital admission or detox facility. Appropriate medications and therapies are used to help the person’s body come off the drug with minimal side effects or risks to the body. Serious complications are avoided this way, and acute withdrawal symptoms are often avoided.

Studies prove that psychiatric treatments work faster for those who are no longer addicted to substances, so a detoxification process is an important first step in treating a dual diagnosis. The underlying mental illness can then be treated with the appropriate drugs or therapy, avoiding reactions to illegal drugs that will only make the issue worse. Mental illness can be treated in those who use, but it is much less successful, as the user is much less likely to follow through or even want the available treatments.

Sobriety must be maintained for success, however. Relapse is to be expected, but support groups, specific medications, and a will power to feel better all drive a person to stay clean for a lifetime. Receiving a dual diagnosis is complicated, but it is the first step in getting better and away from substance abuse.

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