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Substance Addiction in America and American Response

Substance Addiction in America and American Response

Substance addiction and abuse has been an issue in America for centuries, not just decades. Ever since drugs have been used to cure, they have also been abused. Today’s issue is with synthetic drugs; yesterday’s issues were with morphine and opiates, derived naturally from poppy plants. Humans have always found ways to misuse drugs for as long as drugs have been prevalent in the medical community.

The Government Responds

In the past, the United States government has responded by making certain drugs illegal. However, as more synthetics and cross drugs created on the street enter the mainstream population, the government has realized a new, softer angle must be taken. Over history, making a drug illegal has not curbed its use among abusers, rather, it has just led to more arrests and overcrowded jails. The government has begun to take a stance of prevention before an individual becomes addicted.

Administration Dedicated to Curing and Preventing Drug Abuse

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration is one of the government’s answers to helping those already addicted and avoiding future addictions. The United States Congress established the SAMHSA office in 1992 to create a place for accessible information, services, and research into mental illness and substance abuse. Their mission is to “reduce the impact of substance abuse and mental illness on America’s communities” ( Working through committees, this government office implements priorities to help improve America’s percentage of individuals who do not abuse substances.

Goals and Priorities

Their main priority is to implement policies which make behavioral health services easier to access. They also support programs that address mental illness and substance abuse. Some of these programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Now is the Time
  • National Drug Control Strategy
  • National Dialogue on Mental Health
  • Health Information Technology Integration

The office also helps families find support, encourages funds to be allotted for mental health and help for substance abusers, and promotes preventative initiatives to help prevent future mental illness. The group also advocates for veterans with mental illness.

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