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How Seniors Can Improve Their Health By Attending Church

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How Seniors Can Improve Their Health By Attending Church

It’s 2021, yet American seniors 65 and older carry a higher burden of disease than their peers in Europe. While this health care crisis won’t be fixed overnight, one simple lifestyle change seniors can enjoy to improve their well-being won’t cost a thing: attend church. This weekly ritual can improve mental and physical health without even realizing it, and for those who have fallen off from regular attendance, it’s time to reconsider.

Here are some more reasons why, courtesy of Vancouver Home Health Care Agency.


Handling Daily Tasks Becomes More Routine
As we age, tasks we ordinarily take for granted such as bathing, getting dressed, walking and transporting ourselves from point A to point B can become more complicated — particularly if there’s no motivation to do any of them due to isolation and/or depression issues. Not only can a committed activity such as attending a church service on a weekly basis be the springboard into other social activities, but also it can encourage functional movement via the need for personal care. All of these actions work together synergistically to boost one’s mood and self-confidence.


The Physical And Mental Benefits Can Be Life-Changing
There are many studies that prove regular church attendance can have some extremely powerful long-term health benefits that include:


Lower Blood Pressure: Research indicates that those who attend church on a regular basis have lower blood pressure, a stronger immune system and healthier endocrine and cardiovascular functions than those who do not.

Longer Life: Data from a recent study suggests that those who attend church on a regular basis are 33 percent more likely to live a longer life. Keep in mind that this is based on a variety of health-related factors that come from going to church, not the singular act of attending.

Sense Of Community: The church provides a judgment-free environment where people of all ages can interact and support one another. Having a sense of belonging and social identity can make seniors feel less lonely and isolated. Oftentimes these relationships can travel outside of the church walls.

Fitness Opportunities: Many churches often partner with the Silver Sneakers program, which is geared specifically for older adults, and offers a range of activities for all fitness levels. And it’s no secret that regular physical activity is highly beneficial for seniors.

Overall Happiness: Attending church regularly can give seniors an overall feeling of happiness that can simultaneously affect many aspects of a senior’s life mentally, physically and emotionally. Because of this, it can help with depression that can potentially lead to substance abuse issues and/or suicide.

A Purpose: Many seniors feel as though they no longer have a purpose after the kids fly the coop and they retire from their jobs. Many churches organize activities surrounded around acts of kindness and charity that are great opportunities to do something that counts while exercising social skills at the same time.


Whether an individual is revisiting the church or getting involved for the first time, the health benefits remain the same. While weekly worship won’t replace a doctor’s visit, it will definitely complement it. It’s never too late to start a new habit, especially if it has a positive influence on one’s life.

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