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Post Operative Care

Post Operative Care

Post Operative Care

What is Post Operative Care?

This is care referring to the interaction with a wound and the healing involved after any type of surgical procedure. The process usually involves pain management and some form of wound care, in most cases. The specifics of the post operative care depend on the type of surgery performed on the patient. The care begins immediately after surgery in the hospital, often continuing at home. Many people need help at home for a few hours to days to weeks, which is why a home health care aid may step in and assist a patient.

Possible Complications

Surgeries might come with complications which do not show up until the post operative period. Some general complications are infection, blood clots, or issues with the surgical site. The patient must discuss these possibilities with the doctor and must keep a list of reasons to call the doctor post operation. A home health care aid trained in post operative care will help a patient understand complications and changes to the surgical site, and will know when it is time to call the doctor.

Questions Before Leaving the Hospital

Make sure to get all questions answered before leaving the hospital regarding post operative care. Some questions to start the conversation are:

  • What medications will I need at home?
  • Will I need supplies, such as new medical equipment?
  • What will be my side effects?
  • What activities must be avoided?
  • When can I begin my normal routine?
  • What paperwork is necessary to allow doctors to talk to my home health care professional?

Post operative care at home is essential to healing and coming back to a normal lifestyle. Take all prescribed medications and keep all aftercare appointments to be sure the surgery was successful and healing is progressing smoothly. Keep the transition between hospital and home smooth by calling a professional in-home health care provider during your pre-operative scheduling, such as a professional from the Vancouver Home Health Care Agency.

At Vancouver Home Health Care Agency, Caring and Compassion is our business.

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