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Making a Difference for Those Living with Cancer

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Making a Difference for Those Living with Cancer

Mayo Clinic notes that, for most people, a cancer diagnosis can be scary and overwhelming. It can leave people who love someone with this diagnosis feeling both helpless and uncertain. The good news is that if you care about someone who has cancer, there are many ways you can help. After offering your initial support, being there for the person you love, and educating yourself, you can make a difference on a larger scale, too. Today, the Vancouver Home Health Care Agency shows you how.

Starting a Nonprofit Corporation for Cancer

Starting a nonprofit corporation for cancer doesn’t need to be complicated. While you could help by volunteering your time, participating in clinical trials, or offering alternative treatments such as music therapy, anyone who is business-minded might enjoy the chance to start a company aimed at helping cancer patients. 

The reality is that it’s easier to apply for grants and public funding if you’re set up as a nonprofit corporation. After setting up bylaws that detail how you’ll operate, who will be on your board, and how voting works, you’ll be able to come up with a mission statement that makes a big difference in the lives of people with cancer.

Praying for Someone with Cancer

Praying for someone with cancer offers a multitude of benefits, both for the person offering the prayers and the individual facing the illness. First and foremost, it provides emotional and spiritual support during a challenging and often overwhelming time. 

The National Shrine of St. Jude points out that prayer can offer comfort, hope, and a sense of connection to something greater than oneself, which can alleviate anxiety and stress. It also fosters a sense of solidarity and empathy, strengthening the bond between the person offering the prayers and the cancer patient. 

For the person facing cancer, knowing that others are praying for them can provide a sense of encouragement and reassurance. While prayer is not a substitute for medical treatment, the psychological and emotional benefits it offers can complement conventional healthcare, contributing to a holistic approach to healing and well-being.

Getting Tools to Help, Including a Nursing Degree

To make your nonprofit successful and easier to run, you’ll want to invest in the best software out there. The right accounting solution will make it easier to track donations, tax information, invoicing, and expenses. It will also mean easy, custom reports for grant applications. When searching for tools for your new cancer nonprofit, look into marketing platforms and newsletter hosts that can make getting the word out about your company’s mission easier.

Also, if you want to lend a helping hand to the medical community, the best way to do so is by getting involved in nursing! While that’s a big step, it’s also one of the biggest ways to make a difference. And these days, there are online programs that allow you to learn at your own pace, meaning you won’t have to take time away from your nonprofit while you study. Take time to look at available options that can open the door to positions like Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, and see whether this is a good fit.

Hiring Professionals and Self-Care

Whether you decide to open a nonprofit aimed at raising money for research or advocacy work, it’s important to remember why you’re passionate about helping cancer patients in the first place. Take care of yourself and the person you love with cancer by getting the mental health healthcare you need. 

Also, when choosing between therapists, consider hiring an online therapist who can work with you and the person you love from the privacy of home. Even when treatments are going well, it’s stressful to work through a cancer diagnosis without help. Enlisting an online therapist means easier access and the ability to choose from a larger pool of licensed professionals. A good therapist will be able to refer you to someone else if they don’t believe they’re the right match for you or the cancer patient you care about.

Getting Started

It all starts with compassion. If you want to make a difference in the life of someone struggling with a cancer diagnosis, there are many ways – great and small – that you can help, including going back to school to earn a degree in nursing.

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