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Incarceration Vs. Treatment Part Five Of Five

Incarceration Vs. Treatment Part Five Of Five:
Overview of Treatment in Washington State

As the nation pays attention to treatment over incarceration, Washington state isn’t snoozing. There are a number of methods to get state help with addiction, and much of the information is available here, as well as on the state’s website at

Priority Patients

There are some patients who receive priority in state run rehabilitation facilities, such as:

  • Pregnant women using IV drugs
  • Pregnant women (though IV users get precedence)
  • Other IV users
  • Post-partum women, up to a year
  • Parents involved in Child Protective Services cases
  • Parents
  • Youth

The Process

Washington state wants to make the process of getting help as simple as possible, but there is a necessary process to complete. First,  a person seeking help must apply for Apple Health, which is Washington’s state-run health insurance coverage and low-income assistance program. The program covers a number of different situations, and is the first stop for those seeking rehabilitation assistance from the state.

Next, find a program that works for you. Washington state has categorized their programs into different types, such as a program for children, one for pregnant women, and one for providers of addicted youth. The state also supplies resources for anyone not in a prioritized category, such as places to find rehabilitative care, hospitals equipped with emergency facilities for addicts, directories of chemical dependency services around the state, and much more.

Anyone with a drug addiction, no matter status, age, or condition, can find information on getting help through the Washington state website. The information is clear and concise, but if there are any questions, a Washington state health employee can help. Simply call or visit a Washington state local health services office.

If you’d like to discuss more on specific services in Washington state, you can also call the Vancouver Home Health Care Agency.
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