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Government Advice on Preventing Elderly Abuse

Government Advice on Preventing Elderly Abuse

While the Federal government is currently conducting ongoing research to help prevent all types of elderly abuse, the Administration on Aging (AOA) has released a few tips to help the elderly and loved ones try to prevent financial abuse.


The AOA begins by suggesting that any caregiver be researched with a background check. Those who financially abuse an elder – and who are reported – have a permanent mark on their record. The Vancouver Home Health Care Agency already completes this check, but anyone who is associated with an elderly person should be researched thoroughly. Sadly, financial abuse is so under-reported that it’s difficult to know the culprits, but every case of financial abuse is considered stealing. If it is reported against a person, it will be included on a permanent record.

Address Ageism

The AOA website confronts the matter of ageism, which is defined as a discrimination against older individuals. Ageism is a disrespect for the elderly, to the point where those who victimize these people do not see them as people. This must be addressed as a nation, according to the AOA, and education for those who believe in ageism is becoming a pressing issue.

Gather Advance Planning Tools

This is the most important tip in avoiding financial abuse. Advance planning tools include:

  • Living wills
  • Advance directives
  • Limited powers of attorney

These tools will clearly highlight who is allowed to sign for the elderly person, who is allowed to handle money, and who is allowed to allocate funds, if necessary. While this will not stop the issue, it will slow down those who would take assets from an elderly person.

Public Awareness

Public awareness must be increased to help stop the issue. The AOA recommends an increase in communication, which will help in the following ways, according to the website:

  • Increase awareness of the issue
  • Influence changes to social norms
  • Influence prompt action in the incident of financial abuse
  • Advocate new laws and increase demand for services to avoid financial abuse
  • Refute misconceptions and strengthen community relationships

If you have any questions about increasing financial elderly abuse awareness, contact Vancouver Home Health Care Agency today.
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