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First Aid and CPR – Why It’s Essential to Your Family

First Aid and CPR – Why It’s Essential to Your Family

What is First Aid?

First aid is a basic helping hand to anyone who is hurt. It ranges from applying a bandage to a small cut to helping someone with a bone sticking out of a leg until an ambulance comes. First aid works for people of all ages and is only used to keep a person stable until professional medical help arrives.

Who Should be Trained?

The American Red Cross (ARC) recommends that everyone be trained in first aid. All medical personnel are trained in first aid, and the ARC allows everyone else to be trained for a fee. Certain people, such as those who work with people on a regular basis, or parents, might be able to receive discounts in first aid training fees, depending on local organizations. Lessons such as moving a person out of the woods to medical aid or helping a person remain immobile while waiting for an ambulance to come are taught, as well as much more. Anyone who assists with elder care should be first aid trained.

What is CPR?

CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. It is a combination of techniques used to help someone in cardiac arrest. It includes chest compressions, which are designed to move the heart muscle so the blood continues to move through the body. The blood takes oxygen to the body, which is why the heart must keep moving. CPR is designed to keep oxygen in the blood and keep the heart muscle pumping, because it usually is not pumping if CPR is necessary.

Who Should be Trained?

The ACR recommends that anyone dealing with people, such as teachers or daycare providers, be trained in CPR. Every medical professional is trained as is required by their job, and they are re-certified as required by their state. For a fee, the ACR allows individuals to be trained in CPR. Anyone who knows or helps care for an elderly person should be trained in CPR.

The Vancouver Home Health Care Agency can answer further questions regarding being trained in first aid and CPR.
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