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Companionship Assistance Takes the US by Storm

Companionship Assistance Takes the US by Storm

Many people are beginning to notice that their elder loved ones might need a little more help at home, especially with yesterday’s baby boomers coming into the elderly age. The help might be more than some families can handle, who have their own busy lives and families. This is why companionship assistance is growing in droves across the United States.

What Is It?

Simply stated, companionship assistance is another person in the home. The companionship provider will do everything from laundry, to dishes, to visiting with the home bound patient. This isn’t a replacement for family, however, it is a person who can help handle daily challenges while the families works and manages their lives.

What is its Purpose?

Companionship care serves many purposes. Companions, depending on service contracts, can remind patients to take medicine, take them to run errands, keep them company and take them to personal appointments, such as hair appointments or clubs. The companion is a consistent part of the patient’s life, and serves much more than just a reminder or errand runner.

Studies prove that elders get depressed faster than other groups, and this depression is often due to feelings of alienation as close family and friends begin to pass away due to age. A companion will provide a friend for the patient, helping the patient’s mental status and keeping the patient from some forms of depression. Humans at every stage of life need contact from other humans, and a companion will fulfill this need for a home bound patient. Human contact helps keep a person mentally healthy; it’s apparent why a companion’s purpose is important.

What Companionship Assistance Cannot Do

It’s important to remember what a companion cannot do:

  • Give patients baths
  • Give patients medicine (patients must take the medicine themselves)
  • Give patients any type of medical care

Some companions are not even allowed to give CPR, though the companions at Vancouver Home Health Care Agency are certified and allowed under state law to give CPR and first aid. It’s important to be very clear on what a companion will and will not do before deciding on one specific company.

Benefits of Companionship

The benefits include:

  • Professional communication with medical personnel
  • Cognitive stimulation
  • Socialization
  • Safety supervision
  • Mobility
  • Improvement in mental and physical health

The Vancouver Home Health Care Agency is happy to help you find the perfect companionship assistance fit. At Vancouver Home Health Care Agency, Caring and Compassion is our business.

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