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Washington State Registration Position Descriptions

Washington State Registration Position Descriptions      Home health agencies may provide the following healthcare medical services: * Home health aide services Home health aide services include, but are not limited to, assistance to a patient within the home. Specific services are: helping the patient with a bath, care of the mouth,…

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Home Health Care Versus Home Care

Home Health Care Versus Home Care – What’s the Difference? Many people view these two options as the same, but really, they are very different. The two areas concentrate on two different goals, and individuals in each field both need specific skill sets and training. It is important to understand…

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Same-Sex Marriage Causes Waves in the Insurance

Same-Sex Marriage Causes Waves in the Insurance Arena The Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriages are constitutional, and that means a lot to employers. Many employers will now get rid of same-sex domestic partner coverage, which will cut costs. Benefits consultants have already begun working with employers to make the…

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Advance Directives

Should I Bother with Advance Directives? They Seem Like So Much Work! Should you bother with advance directives? The answer is overwhelmingly, YES! While it’s true they are a lot of work, the overall work involved benefits everyone in the big picture. The good news is that there are a…

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