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Caregiving Tips for Elders Support

Caregiving Tips for Church Members Supporting Elders

Caregiving for seniors in your church can be a very rewarding and fulfilling way to live out your religious values and follow in the footsteps of Christ. Many seniors are isolated and alone; in fact, roughly 25 percent of seniors live away from their families and report feeling lonely on a regular basis. Not only can your support and companionship help them stay social in their golden years, but it can also help them stay healthy — physically, mentally, and spiritually. Here are a few essential resources for those looking to take on the critical task of supporting the physical and spiritual health and well-being of seniors in their area.

Help Them Stay Independent and Confident

Just about every senior prefers to live independently. However, even independent seniors can sometimes use guidance on how to connect with others and ask for help when it’s necessary. 

Prevent Injury and Illness in the Home

To help seniors maintain independence, it’s wise to ensure their living environment is safe and easily navigated. Consider talking to seniors in your life about the following.

Keep Them Active and Engaged

One of the best ways to help seniors stay active and to ward off isolation is to encourage regular activity and social interaction.

When you help seniors address their physical, mental and emotional needs, you are making room for them to feel supported in their spiritual needs, as well. By being a reliable, supportive, and compassionate listener, you can help them find solid spiritual footing during a season in life that can be rife with uncertainty. 

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