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Topics to Debate Now That Obamacare Is Renewed

Salt Lake City Tribune Brings Up a Number of Topics to Debate Now That Obamacare Is Renewed

Obamacare has been renewed, and it’s here to stay for at least another year. In an article written for The Associated Press, an argument is made that there are now a number of different topics to debate in light of Obamacare being here to stay.

According to the article, the current conversation is revolving around insurance and political issues in the health care arena. An argument is made that divisions in policymakers is raw, and is causing a disconnect between people’s perception of the issues and policymaker’s priorities. Democrats believe the winds are already changing toward what people really need, while Republicans believe the next year and a half will only see more arguing in Washington DC

The article continues to suggest that, instead of arguing over the politics and insurance of Obamacare, other issues should be discussed, as priority and not as an aside.

Prescription Drug Prices

This is a topic which should be foremost in the eyes of policymakers, especially since it affects the greatest number of people. Studies show that most Americans find drug prices highly unreasonable. Breakthrough drugs, such as those for liver damage or cancer, are mostly affected. Drugs that have been proven to help or eradicate conditions are unattainable due to price.

Insurance Costs

The article argues that insurance cards mean nothing when higher premiums and other associated costs are continuously added to a patient’s overall costs. Even some politicians, such as John McDonough, find that Affordable Care simply isn’t affordable enough.

Coverage for All

Individuals are being used as pawns in a game, according to the article. Certain states will not accept changes in Medicaid, which is stopping some from getting the insurance needed. While Obamacare has gained coverage for 90 percent of all Americans, according to the article, it is still not covering everyone.

Long Term Care

Long term care is in danger of being underfunded through Obamacare, which is a serious issue for older adults. While the article does not go into great detail on this point, it is a point worth discussing further.

Quality and Efficiency Costs

The article states that everyone, from employers to government programs, is interested in getting away from compensation to providers based on volume of services. However, defining quality care has proven to be very difficult, which means that approaches to reduce costs might be equally as hard. The article expects changes to happen, but when is anyone’s guess. Change will be sped up by computerized medical records and upgrades in data analysis.

Cost Control

The article argues that the United States government continues to spend too much on health care. According to economist Eugene Steuerle, this is due to conflicting policies and the government having too much to do with health care as a whole.

The article states that money – and cost to the individual – is what should be discussed over political finger pointing and political agendas. Read the full article at Salt Lake City Tribune, and feel free to discuss with a Vancouver Home Health care Agency professional.

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