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Affordable Care Act

Overview of ACA The ACA, or Affordable Care Act, is also known as Obamacare, which was passed into law in 2010. It stated that every person needed to have healthcare by November 15, 2014, or suffer penalties. While it sounds simple, it was complicated in the beginning, and it took…

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Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana While the Drug Enforcement Agency, or the D.E.A, categorizes marijuana as a Schedule I drug, it is still believed that marijuana should be legalized for medical use. A Schedule I drug is a drug which is viewed as having no medical use. Many individuals, however, attest that it…

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Mental Health and Behavior

Mental Health and Behavior “Why can’t you get better?” “Why have you changed?” “What’s wrong with Dad?” “Why are you always so grumpy you used to be so happy?” “Just get happy!” These are among the many questions posed to those with mental illness, and while the person who asks…

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Oxygen Use and The Risk of Fire

Oxygen Use and The Risk of Fire in the Home Oxygen is a life saver, but it can also be a great hazard when it is handled incorrectly. The three elements of fire are oxygen, fuel and heat, so when an oxygen tank is present, the risk of fire is…

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