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Medical Assistance in Oregon

Getting Medical Assistance in Oregon

In Oregon, the medical assistance program is known as OHP, or simply, Oregon Health Plan. It offers assistance for little to no cost for income eligible participants. Getting to know the system begins by finding out if you and your family are eligible for OHP. The state of Oregon makes the process simple with online forms and offices in every county available to help on a weekday basis.
The program helps cover a wide range of medical needs, such as doctor’s appointments, hospital visits, prescription drugs, and other medically necessary services. Some equipment is covered as well as routine health maintenance services.


Medicaid through OHP requires participants to have been without insurance for at least 6 months. Applicants must meet the following qualifications to receive Medicaid through the OHP:


Under 19 years of age
Selection from the reservation list. The state selects 2,000 random uninsured residents to receive benefits for a year.
There is also an Oregon Supplemental Income Program available, where qualified individuals receive additional medical help. Anyone eligible for this service may also be eligible for in-home care, residential care, nursing homes, and more.

Applying for Medicaid

The following information will be necessary when applying for Oregon’s benefits program:
Gross income for each adult
Identification for each adult
Life insurance policies
Proof of citizenship
Housing and utility costs
Medical bills
Health insurance information, if any exists


Medicare is for those 65 years of age or older, or those with renal kidney disease. Oregon residents who have Medicare could also be eligible for Oregon’s Qualified Medicare Benefits Program, which provides funds to help with co-pays and additional charges not covered by Medicare.
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