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Marijuana Legal in Oregon

Marijuana Legal in Oregon for Recreational Purposes

The Associated Press published an article written by Tim Fought with some exciting news – recreational marijuana will be legal in the state of Oregon beginning on July 1 2015. Residents are allowed to have up to 8 ounces on their person, and they are allowed to grow up to four plants in their homes.

Oregon is the fourth state to legalize the drug recreationally, following Washington state, Alaska, and Colorado. This means that those who need the drug for medical purposes will no longer need special permission to have the plants on their person or in their home.

Changes in Oregon

The changes will not be huge, as a large part of the state has always been marijuana tolerant. However, sale of the plant in any form is still illegal, so shops will not yet be selling it. When Oregon voters passed Measure 91, the decision on sales was left to the state liquor agency, who hasn’t quite figured out if sales will be ok. As it is right now, marijuana will be legal, but Oregon residents will have to grow their own.

A History of Marijuana in Oregon

Oregon was the very first state to make smaller amounts of marijuana ok, decriminalizing the carrying of small amounts in 1973. Medical marijuana was approved in 1998, but recreational use was voted down in 2012. This was due to the fact that marijuana was viewed as poorly grown at the time. The state pushed an approval for dispensaries in 2013, and it was signed into law. This ended patients growing it alone or designating a personal grower.

The reality was that Oregon farmers were actually growing high class strands of the plant, but only some was for medical use. The rest went to the black market. Finally, voters decided the plant should be legal all around, allowing those growers to come out from the underground.

Now What?

The ball is in the court of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, who must write the rules for selling and growing marijuana. The Commission plans to take applications from possible farmers on January 1st. Retail sales might begin around the harvest season next fall, in 2016. However, committees are pushing for retail sales to begin in the fall of 2015. The hope is to have the rules written and clarified by this fall’s harvest season.

Is Everyone Rejoicing?

No. Many smaller areas of Oregon actually voted against the bill, so legislators are considering allowing local municipalities to ban both types of dispensaries – medical and recreational. They cannot, however, ban private growing or use. Some cities are prepared to restrict dispensaries to certain areas or passing ordinances for odors to inhibit growing.
Hemp advocates are also unhappy. Hemp is the strain which does not get someone high, but it is good for paper, clothing, and many other purposes. Hemp growers are afraid that cross-pollination would affect the hemp population.

Vancouver Home Health Care Agency is following the marijuana movement as it affects our patients, who may benefit from medical marijuana. At Vancouver Home Health Care Agency, Caring and Compassion is our business.

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