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Medical Assistance in Oregon

Getting Medical Assistance in Oregon In Oregon, the medical assistance program is known as OHP, or simply, Oregon Health Plan. It offers assistance for little to no cost for income eligible participants. Getting to know the system begins by finding out if you and your family are eligible for OHP….

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Facebook Advice

Using Caution When Getting Medical Advice from Facebook Surprisingly, it’s OK to get simple advice from Facebook friends, but what about those who seek out advice of all medical types from social media outlets? Friends are very eager to share, but their advice isn’t always sound, or safe. No matter…

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Debates for Obamacare

Salt Lake City Tribune Brings Up a Number of Topics to Debate Now That Obamacare Is Renewed Obamacare has been renewed, and it’s here to stay for at least another year. In an article written for The Associated Press, an argument is made that there are now a number of…

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