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Month: June 2018

Equal Rights Washington

Overview of Equal Rights Washington Equal Rights Washington, whose tagline is, “Together for Justice and Equity”, is an initiative in the state to help the LGBT community establish rights as part of the human race. Their big push , in 2015, is to assist transgender individuals with better health care,…

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Washington’s Minorities

Washington’s Minorities – An Overview A report published in the Seattle Times in 2006 stated that more than half of all people who moved to Washington State since 2000 were minorities. Among these minorities were Hispanic, Asian, Multiracial, and Pacific Islanders. The study proved that they had come to the…

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Water Contamination

Water contamination – Flint to Portland – doesn’t think it’s a big deal anymore – waste of resources Water Crisis – It’s a Big Deal Nationwide In 2014, Flint, Michigan residents came out nationally with a water crisis. The water coming from their taps was a muddy brown. Some water…

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Pediatric Care Funding

Pediatric Care Funding Funding pediatric care in an ambulatory setting is different than funding similar care in a home setting. Additionally, children cared for in the home are found to heal faster and more effectively than those who must endure the stress of going to an office, where the surroundings…

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