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Month: July 2015

Debates for Obamacare

Salt Lake City Tribune Brings Up a Number of Topics to Debate Now That Obamacare Is Renewed Obamacare has been renewed, and it’s here to stay for at least another year. In an article written for The Associated Press, an argument is made that there are now a number of…

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Sensational Medical Claims

Making Sense of Sensational Claims The Post and Courier recently posted an article regarding a very serious American issue: sensational medical claims and understanding the difference. Claims can be as small as using raw product to avoid allergies, or as large as drinking a glass of red wine a day…

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Medical Tourism

The Real Issues Behind Medical Tourism There are patients who travel abroad for certain medical treatments which are not legal in the United States, or which the patient believes is better than what is offered in the states. However, this travel can, and often does, lead to infections or complications…

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