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How to Handle the Different Care Needs of Your Parents


How to Handle the Different Care Needs of Your Parents

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How to Handle the Different Care Needs of Your Parents

What will you do if your mom can live independently but your dad requires nursing care, or vice versa? When your parents have different care needs, it can put a strain on your family’s relationships. These tips will help you choose a suitable nursing home for your mom or dad to make sure your family remains connected.

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Find the Nursing Homes in Your Neighborhood   

You can ask your relatives, friends, neighbors, or doctors about good nursing care providers they know. Searching websites such as A Place For Mom and can ease the burden of visiting and comparing the care providers in person.

Compare the Quality of Nursing Homes 

Comparing the services and amenities provided by various nursing homes is essential to selecting a suitable place for your parent. Most nursing homes offer specialized care, such as ventilator support and stroke recovery, so analyze your parent’s care needs and find a facility that provides those services.

Visit the Facility

After shortlisting the available nursing homes, you should visit the facilities in person. Clear all your doubts and ask questions to assess whether it will be a good fit for your parent.

Paying for Senior Care Services

Putting a parent in nursing care can be expensive. Before you start searching for a nursing home, it’s smart to decide on a budget you and your parents can afford. By doing so, you won’t waste your time exploring facilities that won’t work for your budget long-term. According to a survey conducted by Genworth, skilled nursing care costs between $7,700 and $8,800 per month. Here are some options to help you reduce your financial burden:

Medicare and Medicaid 

Medicare covers costs associated with short-term stays in nursing homes or rehabilitation centers. Your parent can get a covered prescription from the long-term care pharmacy if they have Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage. They can also qualify for Medicaid if they have a low income. Most health care expenses are covered if your parent qualifies for both Medicare and Medicaid.

Long-Term Care Insurance 

Long-term care insurance can help pay for skilled and unskilled care. Some policies may cover all care services, including assisted living, adult daycare, and medical equipment, while others may cover only nursing care expenses. You can continue your parent’s dental and medical care even after they’ve moved into a long-term care facility.


If one of your parents is going to be in senior care, the other one may want to consider downsizing to a smaller place. You can sell your parents’ current house and help them shift closer to the nursing home. By selling the house, your parents can free up some cash to cover the nursing home expenses. Before finalizing your decision, calculate the present value of their assets to assess the financial resources they currently own. The home’s equity can be calculated by subtracting the mortgage amount still owed from the current market value of the property.

Instead of purchasing a new home, they can rent an apartment. Apartments can be ideal for seniors looking for accessibility because they often have elevator service, especially in larger cities. You can also fine apartment within Clark county Washington that specialize in senior living for your love one, view online listings and filter by cost, size, and amenities your parent needs. Some websites even allow you to take virtual tours of potential apartments.

Help Your Parents Throughout the Transition Process

Transitioning one parent to a care facility can be difficult for the whole family. Stay compassionate and empathetic to help both parents throughout the transition process.

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